Indians receives more business visas from Ireland

July 23, 2015
Ireland is becoming more business friendly for workers in recent years, as the number of visas granted to the overseas workers has risen by fifteen percent from the year 2010.

According to the report of economic and social research institute (ESRI), an introduction of the new program to attract overseas investors led to increasing flexibility in the immigration system of Ireland.

The research says business visas were accounted for about 90,400 which is 17 percent granted in the last year. Also, the number of visas given to migrant workers has increased to 15,400 in 2014 from 13,365 visas in the year 2010.

Indians are accounted for one-third of the total business visas granted in the year of 2014, followed by Chinese with 18 percent of total visas and Russia with 13 percent business visas during the year 2010.

Indians accounts more number of business visas issued by Ireland

The number of non-EEA business people coming to the country is very higher than some nationals. As countries like USA nationals does not require a visa to travel to Ireland.

The study indicates that old immigration programs are successfully supplemented by the recently introduced flexible immigration programs, all this added investment and entrepreneurs coming into the country.

The report says, under the immigrant investor program, 55 permissions were granted since 2012. This program allows non-EEA investors to enter Ireland with their immediate family members on multi-entry visas, and they can live for up to five years by investing between 500,000 Euros and 2million Euros.

Also, under the start-up entrepreneur program that aims to attract potential start-ups, about 30 permissions were granted since 2012. 

However, the migrants coming under these programs are reasonably low but the figures of investment received are completely adequate as all these programs are designed to attract high net worth individuals and start-ups.

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