Leading technology firms to lobby next US President over tech employee visas

May 06, 2016
Top technology firms like Apple, Facebook, Amazon and many other firms are planning to publicly recommend the next president of the US for supporting latest regulation that will make it easy for them to recruit high skilled employees for abroad.

Leading technology firms to lobby next US President over tech employee visas

In a letter that has to be published, many business bodies that represent technology companies would lay down 12 policy suggestions that includes promise of help for TPP business deal, asking the government for access to user data and encryption recognition as important security tool.

Few positions such as technology, science, maths, engineering and motivating wireless spectrum access are noncontroversial.

The alliance letter, which is signed by the groups that includes Association of telecom industry, Internet Association and IT Industry Council. It is the first time many technology business firms have taken a common platform during presidential campaign.

It has also called for avoiding censorship online by restricting unreasonable third party accountable for speech, help for sharing economy and simplified and updated tax code among various issues.

Among other plans, the groups are supporting for policies that raises the influx of skilled immigrants in the country, motivate the development of on demand economy.

The group has urged in the letter that candidates must advance determined initiatives for minimizing barriers to business in digital and various goods and services that includes getting the congressional authorization of TPP agreement.

The group’s support for high skilled immigration also runs counter to few statements from Trump on immigration programs for skilled overseas employees.

Signatures on the letter includes companies like BSA The software alliance, allied for startups, computer and communication industry association, computing technology industry association, consumer technology association, silicon valley leadership group, semiconductor industry association, software and information industry association, TechNet and Technology CEO Council.

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