New immigrant bills signed by the Gov. Brown, has been taken into law

October 01, 2014

New immigrant bills signed by the Gov. Brown, has been taken into law

California governor, Edmund  Brown has taken a giant leap by inking the three key immigration improvement bills, which have been widely in demand by the immigration specialists.

Notably, the legislation created state dream loan program is included in the bill, which is going to provide 9.2 million dollars for the undocumented students of state public universities to manage their loans.

Oswaldo, an undocumented student from California state university who is doing is masters said, he had to work very hard for the first few semesters being a full time student, now that I have an access to the new program I can pay my tuition fee in single payment, of my immigration status I was not eligible for federal financial assistance and private loans.

Senate bill 1159 which was signed by Brown, states that the undocumented immigrants are allowed to apply for professional state license which allows them to work in their interested professions. A legislation bill for the non - profit organizations was signed by Brown allotting 3 million dollars to represent the minors legally in their expatriation cases. The legislation is response to the Central American Children arriving on the border of the US and Mexico with any company.

Ronald of the California immigration centre said that, Brown has been active in taking decisions for the immigrant’s issues. The governor has shown interest and made sure that the correct decisions are made to meet the needs of our state residents.

Brown on 2011 has signed a bill which stated the dream act, which allowed the undocumented children to enter USA under the age of 16 and allowed to apply for student financial aid. So taking on the immigration issues is nothing different for the governor.

Brown has also approved a contentious bill last year, which gave the allowance to grant driver’s license to the undocumented immigrants.

Sources say that this will draw the attention of the immigrants for other places to cross the border illegitimately and misuse the resources of California.

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