Prominent Features of the Non-Race-Based Immigration Program in the UK

December 25, 2019
There is an issue in the world for stopping uncontrolled immigration of nonwhite, as it adversely affects the world.

Boris Johnson the UK Prime Minister has made a campaign promise to make an onslaught on migration to control and check it. There is a concern that many people come to the UK from the European Union and treat the UK as their own country without any control over admissions.

Prominent Features of the Non-Race-Based Immigration Program in the UK

The EU has a treaty on the freedom of movement through which people come unrestricted or without significant scrutiny. It allows EU citizens as well as their family members to live freely in any country inside the EU. A Migration Observatory, states that people born outside the UK were 14 percent in the UK population last year and 39 percent of these belonged to the EU countries.

Britain Leaving the EU

As per the June 2016 public referendum in the UK regarding leaving the EU, 51.9 percent voters favored the option of leaving. Also, leaving the EU will allow the UK to regain control of its borders.

Presently the UK Government has to negotiate the formal withdrawal agreement. Additionally, its lawmakers approved an agreement of withdrawal, and it is set for departure in December 2020.

The New Immigration Plans

Johnson has a belief in allowing people to arrive in the UK and claims to be not hostile towards immigration to the people having talents. In the past two decades many people reached the UK without a job thereby putting pressure on public services besides not having the skills as per the economic demands. 

Johnson is keen to have a system based on points similar to Australia to be applied to EU/non-EU migrants. 

• It will give control and check on the people who arrive. 

• The system will offer visas for exceptionally talented migrants. 

• The process to bring them in will be fast-track with/without a job offer.

• A separate class will cater to skilled workers having a UK job offer.

• Unskilled workers will get short-term visas in fields suffering from the worker shortage. There will be no pathway to permanent residency in it.

The Australian System

Migrants applying for an Australian visa for the skilled workers obtained points for:


Applicants receive 30 points for age. Top points exist for migrants in the age between 25 and 32 years,

English Speaking Ability

Also there are ten points for proficient English-speaking. For superior ability there are 20 points.

Skilled Work Experience

15 points for skilled work experience of three years outside of Australia,

There are most points for skilled experience up to 8 years. One year work experience in Australia gets 20 points and most points go to migrants having 8 years of experience in Australia.


Education gets 20 points and there are more points for the PhD

• Professional Training

Five points exist for completing one year of professional training within Australia.

Immigration based on the economic or other requirements will make sure that immigrants arrive in a country with a wish to help it in achieving progress and growth in the select sectors. 

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