Union to Launch Good Jobs Campaign in Canada

October 08, 2013

Union to Launch Good Jobs Campaign in Canada

When immigrating overseas, one of the most important things to consider is job prospects. Without good job prospects, the future is uncertain, and moving overseas without a certain financial future is a daunting prospect. However, the newest union to be set up in Canada could have the answer.

The union, which is called Unifor, is to host a summit on the subject of creating goods jobs. The summit is scheduled to be held in 2014; however, Unifor announced the news to coincide with the 2013 World Day for Decent Work, which was marked on October 7.

Jerry Dias, who is the president of Unifor, stated that they were actively seeking partners to co-host the summit. The union is hoping to get partners from the government, business, and non-governmental organizations involved.

Perhaps it is a sign of the on-going global downturn, which has left job creation stagnating and led to an increase in the number of people only able to find part time work, but Dias says that there is steep decline in the number of quality jobs on offer in Canada.

According to Dias, the number of Canadians in part-time work accounts for a fifth of the Canadian workforce; these figures are on the highest on record. There is also a steady decline in permanent job contracts due to an upsurge in the amount of short-term and contract jobs being offered.

Speaking in a press release, Dias also commented on the very real threat that Canadian workers could face of finding their jobs outsourced:

A litany of anguished complaints and forthright demands were aired by Dias. Among other complaints he stated that many sectors in the country are ailing, jobs are being outsourced as Canadian companies  continue to subvert, abuse, misuse, etc. alien worker visa programs, while the workers are discouraged and there is a lack of elected officials who take up responsibility on behalf of the aggrieved workers. So, Dias stated and demanded that there was a need for elected officials who would provide a voice for the workers, chart their progress and aid them. More specifically his demand was for fair wages, safety and stability of workers and their families, etc.

Ahead of the summit, billboard posters are to start going up around Canada. The billboards will encourage workers to "Join the Good Jobs Revolution, The posters will go up in Halifax, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Montreal. A social media campaign will also get underway.

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