130 Groups Asking Congress for Hearings on Trump Immigration Orders

March 16, 2017

The civil rights bodies in the United States of America and more than 130 other civil rights and spiritual bodies have appealed to the House of Congress to conduct sittings on the grounds of inadvertence on the executive decrees made by President Trump on the migration of foreigners into the country.

In what was one of the latest letters written to the House of Senate and the Judiciary committees set up in the house, the bodies pleaded that Congress overlooked all three of the executive decrees put forward by Trump. A new travel prohibition rule is primed to be effected by Thursday and two other decrees on the activities around the country’s border and ministry of interior department enforcement.

All these were signed on the 25th of January, and the bodies stated in a press release that all three decrees are filled with a violation of civil rights, and constitutionally, it consists of loopholes.

The House of Senate and the House judiciary committee’s main duties include supervision of the enforcement of federal law by agencies in charge of its enforcement. They are chaired respectively by Rep Bob-Goodlatte and Senator Charles Grassley.

“Chairman Goodlatte has thrown his weight behind the current president’s executive decrees to protect the border of our nation, make sure the rules and guidelines of migration into our nation are upheld to the core and defend our country,” a Republican committee assistant disclosed in a news report. “In our bid as a committee to carry out our duty of supervision appropriately, the committee oversees the execution of our beloved nation’s immigration rules and also conducts yearly control proceedings on the Department of Homeland security and its underlying bodies.

These supervisory duties will keep on going all through the government of President Trump.”

Senator Grassley’s department failed to provide a response to the newscaster's appeal for a comment.

The senior legal counsel for the American civil rights union, Joanne Lin stated in a statement that President Donald Trump began his administration with some administrative policies on migration that have left the international and refugee societies in total shock, giving rise to worry and unnecessary protests all across the globe.

It has also led to various litigation suits. These policies are filled with the violations of civil rights, constitutionally, it consists of loopholes.

The union beseeches the house of Congress to carry out a thorough supervision on the executive policies put forward by the present administration.”

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