87% of the H-1B visas for IT jobs are issued to Indians

November 24, 2015
According to the analysis of US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) information, India dominates the ranking of IT workers on the H-1B visas, around 87% of the H-1B visas for the IT jobs are granted to the Indians.

The publication viewed at about 76,000 visas that were granted for the new jobs to the individuals working in the IT related jobs in the year 2014. China accounts for the second biggest share of about 5.1%, Canada had received 0.8% for such visas. The remaining came from other nations in minor percentages.

87% of the H-1B visas for IT jobs are issued to Indians

Much of these visas went to the employees at the firms like Infosys. In the year 2013, the firm had 509 employees located at the Apple Inc’s Cupertino, which is at California headquarters. And around 427 individuals at Aetna Inc’s Hartford. In both the cases, majority of the employees were from Asian countries.

The distribution of the H-1B visa differs more importantly in the other professions, it was revealed that around 46.5% of the recipients were from India. 19.3% from China and 3.4% from Canada and the rest of the 30.8% of the visas granted goes to the citizens from other nations.

The overseas firms like all other firms, should obey the immigration rules of the US, as well as the federal. State and local and anti discrimination regulation.

Many Indian based IT firms has been hit by the lawsuits and they alleged that the firms favor recruiting employees from Asia over America. In the month of April, TCS was sued in the federal court alleging that the employees from the South Asian nations gets the preference in recruiting and promotions. 

According to the USCIS, the H-1B visa have the yearly limit of 65,000 visas every fiscal year.  The first 20,000 petitions that are filed on behalf of the beneficiaries with the US master or higher degree are exempted from the limit. The H-1B employees who are petitioned for or employed at the higher education institution, nonprofit research firm or a firm related to the government research are subjected to this limit.  The limit numbers are often used up rapidly, so it is important to plan much before in advance if you would be filing the H-1B visa which is subject to the yearly H-1B limit.

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