Alberta wants Ottawa to relax migration Cap

December 10, 2014
Alberta calls on Ottawa to lift the Cap on Provincial Nominees

With a goal of meeting the raising labor requirements, Alberta urged the federal government to relax the limits on the figure of financial immigrants whom the province grants every year for permanent residency in the country.

Alberta minister of jobs, Ric McIver told that the territory has sent a written statement to Canada minister for Citizenship and Immigration, Chris Alexander.

In one of the press conference, Ric McIver announced that in order to bring the skilled individuals to the territory, he appealed to the Canadian government to take up caps on the extreme number of provincial applicants.

He further added that by 2023, they may suffer from the shortage of 96,000 skilled workers and high paid professionals.

To make the territory respond in a proper way to the situations, the figure of economic migrants allowed to the country must be directed by the local information and labour market proof. 

Under 2014 immigrant nominee program, 5,500 individuals who were offered with the Alberta’s quota certificates were not sufficient, McIver said.

The new immigrant applicant program allows all the skillful and semi-proficient workers together with their children and spouse to be selected by the territory for permanent residency in Canada.

CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) will finalize the permanent resident applicant’s requests.  He further noted that depending on the economical conditions of the country the volume required will alter from quarter to quarter and exempting the limits is one of the important things that have to be implemented at present. 

McIver told that the Country’s quota is not sufficient to meet Alberta’s present work crisis. Few days ago, CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Business) visited Ottawa in order to change its disputed temporary overseas worker program with a Canada visa that would proffer overseas workers to permanent residency in the country.

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