Australia - Immigration officials involved in visa fraud

June 28, 2016
Australia Immigration popular for point-based immigration system is under fire for fraudulent practices by immigration officials. 

Australia – Immigration officials involved in visa fraud

The investigation report revealed that the immigration officials are involved in 132 visa issuing cases related to a student and skilled visas. 

Immigration Department chief Michael Pezzullo informed that criminal syndicates are active in corrupting the whole system of immigration. 

The former top official of Australia Immigration Joseph Petyanszki said that corruption is disturbing entire system and is common. 

Visas are arranged in return for the payment obtained for Phantom Jobs; numerous people are entering Australia through fraudulent practices. 

People are paying $50 000 for jobs in Australia; they are getting the actual visas. 

The visa scammers can get skilled visas from Mechanics, Commercial Cookery Industry and IT industries for foreign nationals. 

Scammers are efficiently arranging pay slips, and other relevant documents easily without much difficulty. 

The officials involved in the scam highlights the flaws in the immigration system. 

The popular visa programs are highly acclaimed and even the Brexit supporters planned for adapting Australian style. This outcome could leave them to surprise.

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