Australia eases visa rules to Indian students, while UK toughens

April 11, 2014
Australia student visa rules - news
According to the study conducted by the ‘England’s Higher Education Funding Council for England, UK has experienced the first turn down in the foreign applicants on the way to its higher education system over the past 29 years.
HEFCE said that the number of foreign applicants of postgraduate programs on full-time basis in England has reduced by 1% in between 2010-2011 and 2012-2013.
Applicants from the countries of India and Pakistan to England have become half in number since 2010, while there has been a growth in the number in other nations from both these countries.
UK’s system of visa has authorized the students to get employed in the work for two years on completion of graduation till the recent times, while Australia in the recent times has brought in the employment rights for the foreign students who have completed their degree of bachelor’s for 2 years.Additionally, it is not required to find employment that pertains to their educational qualification.

Australian Higher education has offered the work rights to the students after studies. This is considered as part of the most significant move in the policy, due to which education sector and vocational training have lost encouragement.

UK used to allow overseas students until 2 years after graduation.

But at present they have only 4 months to find work and pay more than £20,600 in order to stay in UK.

This modification in the rule has been proposed to deal with fake colleges that have been providing 2 year work visas. But, as a consequence this has even discouraged earnest students. 
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