Bangkok Introduces New Changes For Non-immigration ED Visa Extensions

August 14, 2014

Bangkok - non-immigration ED visa extensions

Bangkok’s immigration police have initiated new reforms with regards to extension of stay for people residing in the country on education (ED) visas of non immigrant status, a report reveals. These new reforms are likely to extent to other immigration offices in the nation. 

However, the rules for elementary schools, secondary schools, universities and educational institutions remain the same. While the non formal schools such as sports schools, tutoring schools, etc., are applicable under these significant changes. 

Individuals pursuing their studies may avail an extension of stay for maximum of 90 days utmost at a time, and depending on study, the extent of time may not exceed one year applicable from the date of entry into Thailand. 

Another significant change is that the requirement of study will be increased from at least four hours per week to eight hours a week. Consequently, a three year approved course will have a worth of 18 months. Besides, there will be an increase of tuition fees and thereby the price of the course would also rise. 

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