Britain has much more to offer to students from India

December 14, 2015
Around 90% of the students from India who applies for the UK visa are issued the same within two weeks by the British High Commission and this could no way by the sign of students from India constantly complaining that the visas are getting rejected for the higher education in the UK.

Britain has much more to offer to students from India

According to the UK, Government, Secretary of State for Business, Skill and Innovations, Mr. Sajid Javid, there is no limit on the visa numbers unlike the insight among the applications from Indian students.  Students think it is a lengthy process, but the data has proved that it is wrong. Sajid Javid was on a visit to Hyderabad with the delegation of Vice Chancellors from the British Universities.

On the present controversy over the work visas for the students that had desiccated up for the students from India in the universities of the UK, Mr. Javid informed that the students from India could work within the acceptable limits and could reside on for doing job after finishing their education if they could secure a job which is equal to the degree they had acquired. The money payable to those jobs might look enormous in the currency of India, but according to the British Standards it is normal and the potential graduates could easily obtain that.

Speaking on the concerns that the UK’s master degree which is for one year is not recognized in India. Mr. Javid said that both the nations were working out for the solution. There are many bodies which are involved in that and they are trying to resolve this matter.

According to him, the students from India from top institutions are on par with best potential from all over the world. Britain is very excited with its participation in its nation’ growth and revealed the scholarship numbers that Britain provides at different levels to the student from India. British students visiting India could also gain in many ways.

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