Calls for expansion of Canadian temporary worker program

May 14, 2016
An Ontario based Chamber of Commerce has asked the government of Canada for expanding the temporary employee program of the country by making a special visa that will enable highly develop firms to lure foreign management talent much easily.  

Chamber of Commerce has urged Canadian government to expand its temporary worker program

According to the Executive Director of Chamber of Commerce, Rory Ring, Canada requires to import special skills required to handle firms that are developing 10 times quicker than usual. 

He also called for expansion of temporary employee visa program of Canada for facilitating the quick hiring of overseas managers for firms experiencing exponential development. 

According to him, there is a gap of skills among many local firms who are looking to commercialize products for international market.

He also said that a special scale up visa is needed to handle the gap of skills. The firms have got demand for such type of talent. The supply of labor market for such talent is either not entirely developed or is under development and the firms are not able to source it from local market place. The new visa would help firms to scale up in size so increasing sales and job.

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