Committee on Scottish affairs to hear proof on the post study work scheme

December 07, 2015
James Brokenshire, Immigration Minister, would be questioned by the MPs next week on the prospect of starting the post-study work scheme in Scotland.

The Tory front bencher would come into view before the Committee on Scottish Affairs on Wednesday. Strathclyde University’s Economics Professor Robert Wright and the other two immigration lawyers would also give evidence. The committee which is headed by Peter Wishart is conducting the inquiry in the advantages and disadvantages of such scheme.

Committee on Scottish affairs to hear proof on the post study work scheme

In the month of March, a report by the Government of Scotland’s post-study job group had revealed that the students from non European countries should be offered special permission for residing and working in Scotland after they had completed their studies.

It is suggested that the job visa, which the Government of the UK had closed in the year 2012, must be restored. According to the Home Office, the system that permitted the non-EU graduates for residing in the UK for two years of time was open to the extensive exploitation.

According to North Perthshire and Perth MP, Mr. Wishart, the proof so far had disclosed that the cross-sector assistance for some sort of program.

He also told that the representatives from the Government of Scotland, trade unions and industry had all explained how it will help them. This session would assist us to bring down all aspects of the issue, for understanding how such system can operate. 

According to him, they are looking to listen from Mr. Brokenshire to listen to his reaction for such widespread support and receive the update on the cross-government communication on the issue.

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