Crackdown on visa holders launched by Thai Immigration

September 15, 2015
According to the Thailand Immigration Officer who is based at Chaeng Wattana confirms that the foreign entries of 15/30 day visa exempt renewals are not allowed.

crackdown-on-visa-holders-launched-by-thai -immigration

According to the sources, this crackdown is not new and said that foreigners with 15/30-day visa exempt renewals are not allowed to reside in Thailand. 

If any foreigner who wishes to stay in Thailand after 30 days shall ensure they have correct documentation like valid tourist visa, work, education, marriage based stay extension, retirement, etc.

This would not affect those people who have a valid tourist visa and to those who came on multiple entry Non-B, Non-O.

The crackdown will apply to those people who remain in Thailand without valid visas and entries of visa-exempt, which is why those people need to complete border run for every 15 or 30 days.

According to the sources, government officials have informed all the border checkpoints and immigration offices in the country to carry out thorough checking on foreign travelers who try to enter and also ensure that foreigners carry correct visa documents.

Foreigners are expected to provide accurate information regarding their stay in the Kingdom along with providing the valid travel schedule whenever requested by the immigration officials.

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