UK in top ten nations globally for luring skilled migrants

January 20, 2016
The UK is placed in seventh place in the world for its capability to lure, develop and holding migrants with high skills. This information was revealed in a report.

In a study, it was revealed that the UK had maintained its 2014 position as the seventh most talent competitive nation. Other top six countries are Switzerland, Singapore, Luxembourg, USA, Denmark, and Sweden.

UK in top ten nations globally for luring skilled migrants

The UK is ranked fourth among nations that are likely to lure businesses with overseas ownership and is on seventh position to attract overseas students. 

The report came amid the government of the UK is looking for stiffen up on migration. As the Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to slash down the net migration to much higher numbers.

The Advisory Committee on Migration (MAC), body which has been commissioned by the UK government for looking at the Tier 2 visas, has published its suggestions today.

MAC has come up with the suggestion of increasing the salary threshold from the present 20,800 pounds to 30,000 pounds, with a minor threshold of 23,000 pounds for the graduates. It had also suggested the immigration skills levy of 1000 pounds every year for every Tier 2 migrant hired by the UK firms to incentivize the employers for minimizing the reliance on migrant employees and motivate the investment in providing training the employee from the UK.

MAC had also suggested for squeezing the intra-firm Transfer (ICT) path, which permits multinational firms to transfer important personnel from the foreign branches to the UK for temporary period. 

According to MAC Chair, Professor Sir David Metcalf, skilled migrant employees make key contributions for boosting the public finances and productivity.  He also said that increasing the cost of recruiting the skilled migrants through increased pay thresholds and the start of immigration skills levy should lead to increased investment in the UK employees and minimize the use of migrant labor.

As per University College London, emeritus professor, Professor John Salt, the ICT path has been the key element of talent coming into the UK. He also said that many of the sponsorship certificates are going to the individuals who are doing job in the IT or IT related fields.

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