Denmark's 'Red Carpet Program' for businesses

February 24, 2014
Denmark’s ‘Red Carpet Program’ for businesses

Denmark has introduced a ‘fast track business visa program’ for business persons visiting Denmark. Titled the ‘Red Carpet Program’, it offers greatly simplified procedures for getting Danish Schengen visa. This is for those applicants who travel frequently to Denmark for the purposes of business. Also, only those employees whose employer companies are accredited by the Danish embassy will be offered this ‘fast track service’. The program is open to the following types of organizations: private and public companies and organizations and even NGOs. Of course, the eligibility of each of these organizations is dependent on certain ‘terms and conditions’ being met.

One of the foremost terms and conditions that is required to be met is that the applicant company must have business partners in Denmark. Also, one of the additional requirements is that there is a requirement for an agreement between the applicant company and/with the local Danish Embassy or Consulate of the country (from where the applicant company or organization is based). 

The following are the types/categories of entities that may be (or, are) offered accreditation. These entity categories are: local subsidiaries of Danish companies which are well established in India, or, stable and established companies local companies which have a subsidiary in Denmark, or, those companies that regularly send their employees to Denmark, or, a local company which has an exclusive partnership with a company in Denmark, or, a local company whose employees need to travel to that country on a frequent basis, or, those companies who are seeking to invest in Denmark, or, Indian NGOs’ which have similar interests as some NGOs’ in Denmark. But, it is also true that the embassy/mission/consulate office in the home country of the applicant company which alone decides or determines which company qualifies for the ‘red carpet program’ (i.e. whether or not an applicant company qualifies to get or obtain a business visa for/under this ‘fast-track program’).       

The following are the stated benefits of the program: a decision within three working days, greatly reduced documentation requirements, no need to either apply in person or seek and have an appointment and a possibility that the applicant company/organization may be granted a multiple-entry visa.

Also, there are some more additional procedures, rules, regulations, terms, conditions, etc. regarding ‘how to get accredited’, how to apply (e.g. what forms to fill and what documents to submit, etc.), etc. and when and how a decision regarding the application process/application is conveyed, etc. as regards this ‘Red Carpet Program’.  
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