Denmark to receive climate award from WWF

October 19, 2013

Denmark to receive climate award from WWF

The Danish Government will be awarded with the prestigious prize from the environmental organization WWF. This award will be presented on the ground that the Danish government is putting in maximum effort to turn the country in to such which runs on sustainable energy. The Danish government is also praised on being such a government which is putting more and more emphasis on creating a cleaner environment all around them. For this very reason they have taken up few constructive steps which will prove fruitful for the environmental development.

The Danish government will be presented with the Gift of the Earth Prize because of the environmental policies they have taken up. The WWF will be presenting this prize. The Danish government has put much effort on implementing those policies which promotes the use of renewable energy. They also have ambitious plans for saving of energy and also for using energy in a sustainable manner. Moreover the goal of the country to run on renewable energy completely by 2050 is also something which is highly appreciated by WWF.

The secretary general of WWF Jim Leape, on this occasion stated that Denmark is such a country which has shown to the world that the economic growth as well as welfare can be obtained while using the renewable energy as the main source for power.

In modern world Denmark is addressed to as the leader of renewable energy by WWF. They have pointed out the fact that the Demark transport services has started making a lot of profit and progress since they started using the renewable energy. They have also managed to reduce the consumption of energy by one percent and alongside have also enhanced their GDP by about 39%. The WWF is hoping that this initiative of Denmark will also motivate the global leaders to take a change in their usage of energy.

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