E- Visas could be the future of travel documents

December 22, 2015
Many countries are trying to make their visa procedures simpler this year. The aim of these modifications is to make it as simple as possible for the travelers to come. Some places like Thailand, Australia, and Vietnam has opted for one or two years of visa that permits for multiple entries. Many other nations had taken the online process of application.

E- Visas could be the future of travel documents

E-Visas have turned out to be a big hit among the travelers who seek to visit India. The nation’s scheme of “E-Tourist Visa” was initially tested in the year 2014. Earlier the response was optimistic. And in this year’s August month, the Indian government had decided to provide electronic visa applications to the tourist from 113 nations.  

Travelers could apply on the official page of the government website and can also pay their cost online. Costs are different, and that depends from which country the passport holder is, but the costs are lesser than earlier. The visa fee for the UK citizens has been slashed to over 50% and now it is costing around $60 or 40 pounds.

The website clearly mentions that this service is only for the tourists.  These e-Visas could be processed at around 16 airports in India. 

Before applying to this e-visa, general criteria has to be met by the travelers like their passport should have a minimum of six months of validity, they should have a return ticket, and they also got a digitized passport photograph.

Recently Malaysia had also announced same plan which starts on 2nd January, allowing the travelers from around seven nations to apply for online visa. These seven nations include India, China, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, the US and Canada.

E- Visas popularity is day by day increasing and it looks like it is a winning situation for both the nations and its visitors. Now that other nation is also adopting it.  The only drawback of this visa is that they are of single entry variety. The other latest visa trend, the long-term multiple entry visas can make it possible that the travelers would take additional trips to a nation during the eligibility duration.   

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