Economic expansion in Denmark with the help of enhanced export

October 26, 2013

Economic expansion in Denmark with the help of enhanced export

When the rest of the world is in trouble with the problem of recession the country of Denmark has shown a quick recovery. According to a latest financial report it was stated that the economy of Denmark has expanded quite more that it was estimated. This is indeed a quick step for Denmark to come out of the emerging recession in just the second quarter. The economic expansion was due to the rise in the export.

The statistics Denmark which is based in Copenhagen reported that when compared to the first three months of 2013 then it can be seen that the GDP or the Gross Domestic Product has experienced and expansion by 0.5%. The GDP was seen to be expanding at a rate of 0.2 percent when a survey was conducted by five economists in the Bloomberg survey. It is said that on an overall basis the growth has been seen to be that of 0.4% per annum.

The economic condition of Denmark was going through a tough time mainly due to the liabilities of the government in form of various welfare schemes. However, this export gain has changed that present situation quite a bit. The recent expansion in the exports is also said to be the reason of the development of the market at a global level. Also, the coming out of the Euro from the clutches of the recessions has a big role to play.

According to the leading economist at the Sydbank (SYBD), Nordea Bank AB and Jyske Bank AB the recent growth was supposed to be much stronger than it appears now. There was a four week lockout by the teachers which compelled many working parents to spend their day at home and that had put on a dent in this recent growth. However, the amount of expansion that is seen is also a surprise in itself especially considering the fact that the Danish government had cut down it forecast from a 0.5% to that of a 0.2

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