Homosexual couples treated equality in NZ for migration

January 11, 2014

New Zealand is a relativity new country and still expanding. The beautiful country keeps seeing Immigration rising, every year more and more people decided on a different life in a different country. Migrants have rights and they must be adhered to. Immigration equality  is a term  that is used when anyone refers to the equal treatment of any or all citizens ability and or right to immigrate their family. Some countries still do not recognise same sex couples/relationships for the purpose of immigration. Other countries do. New Zealand is one of these counties. Many people flee their country of origin and claim asylum in another due to them facing persecution for being gay.

A family category visa for New Zealand is available for you if you the relationship or marriage that is a genuine one and stable with a New Zealand citizen or permanent residence. This is whether the relationship is heterosexual or homosexual. A relationship is a relationship to the immigration services in New Zealand. Many people still flock to New Zealand for a new start and with the diversity and culture in the country it is easy to see why. Being able to live your life free, in what ever way you want to is a very special thing, especially if you are from a country that will not allow people to live a life being homosexual.

The immigration authority in New Zealand treat everyone the same. There is no difference between same sex and different sex couples. Couples have to proof they have been together for one year now instead of two as it used to be. International human rights will not permit persecution due to differing sexualities. There are now more counties around the world that are expanding their benefits to same sex couples. Sixteen countries currently have immigration laws that allow their citizens to sponsor a same sex partner for immigration. Most countries that speak English provide immigration equality. New Zealand are a very liberal country, especially compared to others around the world. New Zealand immigration see a visa application as a visa application, as long as the required documents are submitted on time and all criteria is  met for the visa is does not matter if the applicant is gay or straight. This is why new Zealand is a very popular destination for migration for both asylum seekers and partners of New Zealand citizens.


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