Encouraging immigration

December 13, 2013
Encouraging immigration

For hundreds of years New Zealand has seen many migrants enter there beautiful country, in 1800 and for years after the main nationality of migrants were British, they travelled from either England, Scotland or Wales, the long trip took one hundred days and was often a very dangerous process, illness was rife, especially on a long boat trip to the other side of the world. A lot of the British migrants that entered New Zealand were also from Australia, many convicts were sent to Australia from Britain or settlers who then wanted to cross the sea to New Zealand. Back then the reasons people travelled to New Zealand was for work, and still today the main reason migrants enter New Zealand is for work. Back then the work was labours, this was due to Australia being in depression and new Zealand was not. Gold miners also entered New Zealand and whalers, these were the earliest non maroi settlers, although a a fairly young country it still has a long history especially due to migrants.

Throughout history migrants have travelled to New Zealand for many different reasons and by many different ways, this is pretty much the same  today. The government recruited immigrants and gave them free or cheap fares to allow  them to get to New Zealand, this occurred both before and after the first world war. Some people travelled there as they were given free land by New Zealand provinces. A lot of settlers to new Zealand were brought out there from Scotland and England by the New Zealand company. There are similarities from years gone by and today in immigration. There were also soldiers that came to be in New Zealand due to war as well as their wife, all these people are recorded as the earliest migrants.

The end of the second world war saw many more nationalities migrating to New Zealand in search of a new life, some refugees after the war had ravaged their country of origin. It was around 1945 that New Zealand began to see citizens from European countries such as Denmark and a bigger influx of migrants from England and Scotland. Both world war one and world war two saw a massive change in the world, and in immigration. It became easier and more attractive to migrate and start again,with the loss of war people were in search of a better life and those who got to New Zealand lived their dream there, and are still doing. 

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