ECOWAS meet regarding issues such as migration, etc. opens in Accra, Ghana, Africa

May 07, 2014
ECOWAS meet regarding issues such as migration

The European Union, in association with the, Migration Dialogue For West Africa (MIDWA), the International Labour Organization (ILO), International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) and IOM (International Organization for Migration) have set up an experts dialogue and meeting in Accra, Ghana. 

Many of these persons who are authorities in their respective fields will be deliberating upon and examining many important issues which at present are hindering or obstructing smooth flow and movement of populace and free trade, commerce, etc. in the sub-region called as the ECOWAS, comprising the fifteen (15) West African States that are part of the region.

At the meeting, the Economic commissioner for commerce at the ECOWAS commission, Mr. Ahmed Hamid, called upon the media to inform the citizens of the sub-region about their rights to move about freely in the whole region. He also asked the different stake holders to contribute their mite and do their best to enable and ensure that the rights of the people of the region are given prominence. He stated that a huge effort needs to be made by those who are empowered to inform and educate the rest of the populace. As per Mr. Hamid, the ordinary populace has to be made aware of their legal commitments/duties/obligations so that they become aware of their rights, too.

The main agenda and theme of the convention and meeting is/was “Free Movement of people for regional integration and economic cooperation”.
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