EU immigrants add 463 Pounds per second to the UK economy

April 03, 2015
European Union skilled professionals add £463 per second to UK economy

Concerned sources of the country stated that all European immigrants contribute the revenue of around £463 per second for the exchequer. While going through the records of the expenditures that are spend by the existing government of the country on immigrants, it was found that immigrants generate a net profit of £55 per second to the UK economy. According to the new reports, it was also found that all European Union immigrants contribute around 13.5% in the form of levies than they obtain in profits. 

During the year, 2013 more number of immigrants arrived from France, Poland and Spain. The new study found that more of the low-skilled workers from European Union are working in managerial and professional jobs, said the sources. Major destinations for new immigrants were Birmingham, Greater Manchester and London. As per the new study, 62% of EU immigrants who have arrived the nation during 2013/14 have come only for working in Britain. 

Nearly 6.8% EU immigrants showed their interest to start their company in United Kingdom. James Howell, one of the concerned sources of the country noted that European Union migration is more beneficial for maintaining the country’s economy. 

Moreover, almost all the European immigrants are well educated and employed who show much interest to earn lots of money. The report revealed average salary of the EU worker in UK was £28,699. Almost all of the EU immigrants fall under low-skilled and high-skilled workers.

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