First visa issuing and consular centre opened outside UAE

October 07, 2014
First visa issuing and consular centre opened outside UAE

The nation's first visa and consular centre which is outside UAE has been inaugurated by the foreign affairs secretary Mohammed Mir in Colombo which is the capital of Sri Lanka, with the company Gamini Lakshman Peiris who is the minister of external affairs.

In the inauguration Mr. Mir has appreciated the efforts put to build up the mutual relationships among UAE and Sri Lanka, and it was aimed to strengthen the consular affairs and for improve better customer care service and to facilitate the workers to enter UAE. 
Sri Lankan minister pictured the entire inauguration ceremony as a historic moment which is representing the mutual relations between both the countries and also addressed that the system which is used to for the visa issues is the proficient and also saves a lot of time.  

The visa centre which is opened outside UAE which serves around five hundred clients every day, use the passports of the clients for verification and biometrics of the clients. There are around fifteen Sri Lankan centres’s which are recognized by the UAE health ministry, where all the medical tests are taken place so as to prevent the access of those with transmissible disease. 

These procedures will help in reaching the goal of providing the best consular services fulfilling on international level of standards and saves the cost of enrollment, quarantine and banishment and improve customer service. 

Here, in the new travel permit issuing centre, ministry of foreign affair will make sure that they provide all required administrative services which are in collaboration with ministry of interior to make sure they are using fully integrated systems in order to have the advanced framework and achieve the maximum level of protection needed for the visa process and entry procedure. 

There were many officials from both the countries who attended this inauguration ceremony along with the UAE secretary of foreign affairs and the Sri Lankan minister of external affairs.
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