Foreign labors in Myanmar must obtain business visa

December 24, 2014
Foreign workers in Myanmar must obtain business visa for short stay

Immigration to Myanmar for working is one of the major concerns for overseas nationals. Most of the overseas nationals obtain tourist visa for short duration stay in the country when compared to business visa, as tourist visa takes less time for processing than the business visa.  A tourist visa allows an individual to stay in the country for 28 days and a business lets an individual to stay till the completion of the work.

As like Thailand, Myanmar does not allow an individual to switch from travel visa to business visa, thus an applicant has to move to the nearby country of Myanmar to apply there. The concerned authorities of Myanmar stated that individuals arriving to the country with their family members for working have to obtain business visa before entering the country.

Applicants has two options to apply for business visa, one can get by applying at Myanmar embassy or by approaching the nearby authorized location before touring to the nation. 

An individual applying through country’s embassy has two options they are, one can enter through single entry visa for business purpose that valid for 3 months from the day you travel. Processing time for this special visa is of only six days. For hassle-free processing of the visa, an applicant has to consult the embassy officer directly.

Another choice to enter the country through business visa is multiple journey reentry business visa that is been awarded case-by-case, but one has to be granted with single entry visa for atleast three times. This visa is valid for minimum of six months and maximum of one year.

Documentation required for business visa after arrival is similar to that of before arrival.

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