Forum for Trade Policy looking at the US L-1 Visas for the Indians

October 16, 2015
The trade policy forum (National Foundation for American Policy) finds that only 44% of the applications for the L-1B visa for employing the Indians were issued, when compared to overall grant of 87% for all the countries. It seems to be easier to obtain L-1A visas for the foreign executive or managers than the L-1B visas for the employees with specialized knowledge.

Foreign trade between the two countries is gradually more important. The companies in India invested around $17 billion in the US in the year 2014 that leads to 80,000 new jobs. In the year 2005-09, the US sell twice as more in India as it does it in four years before. The L-1 visa process is the important issue for the Indian businesses that invests in the US.

The Trade Policy Forum is looking at US L-1 Visas for the Indians

President Obama had slated that the Indo-US coalition is of immense importance for his administration and that the US is trying to deal with the visa concerns of India.

The memorandum of the L-1B visa was released by the White House in the month of March 2015, which came into force on the 31st August 2015, had given some transparency to this process. It remains to see that whether the memorandum would be in practice making it easier for obtaining the L-1B visa.  India has been pushing for more reforms. The soaring visa application cost is yet another issue at hand.

The major issue is the taxes for Social Security being paid by the workers of India in the US while they are on the visa. This contribution makes up around USD$1 billion each year. Workers won’t be able to receive any benefit of the system of Social Security that they helped for support either in both the countries.

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