Singapore government to review immigration situation

August 03, 2015


Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said the move to curb immigration and foreign workers coming to Singapore is notto be populist just that government decided, but are due to real problems that affect Singapore society and the needs to address them accordingly.

Besides that how the foreign workers are affecting “the tone our society”, the PM said infrastructure, space and carrying capacity of Singapore were important factors.

“There are trade-offs. If we have no foreign workers, our economy suffers, our own lives suffer. We have a lot of foreign workers, the economy will do well, (but) we have other social pressures, other problems... Somewhere in the middle, we have a mix of evils; on the other hand, we may be able to find a spot where, all things considered, this is something which balances our needs as well as our identity, as well as our economic requirements, and enables us to move forward."

The PM said the government will have to review the situation after few years and adjust the policies regarding the situation. In the television interview by the prime minister for the strait times.

In 2014, the immigration is at lowest since very long time, which is 26,000 down from the foreign immigration of 80,000 from 2011.

The immigration problem was a very serious issue during the 2011 election, as Singaporeans faced a tough competition and overcrowding. In response, the PAP had slowed the growth of immigration and foreign labour.

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