UK's politicians seek to actively restrict migration and migrants

March 01, 2014
UK's politicians seek to actively restrict migration and migrants
According to news reports, the 'Office for National Statistics', UK, has made available official statistics that show that 24,000 citizens from the Eastern European countries of Romania and Bulgaria entered the UK in the year until September 2013, which is approximately thrice the 9,000 who arrived in the 12 months prior to that month (September 2013). The office also reported or submitted that out of the 24,000 who arrived, 70% came to work while the remaining to study.

These figures some observers are pointing out are evidence that the government has been unable to keep a check on migration which it had said it would. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has said specifically in the past that it was the government’s policy to keep the number of aliens entering into the country in the hundreds and not in the thousands, as is the case now. There are significant sections of the population in the UK who would like to keep the number of migrants at the least level possible, and there are a number of political parties (e.g. UKIP) who propagate and stand by such views, opinions, standpoint, etc. which are reflective of a different political platform.

The UKIP is so anti-immigrant that it even would like to end the visa-free entry scheme policy that the UK currently has with the EU. But, that is an extreme position or stand, stated so very emphatically, that this kind of stance is not so openly embraced by the other conservative parties in the UK firmament. But, the PM, David Cameron, Immigration Minister, James Brokenshire and Home Secretary, Theresa May's have been quoting statistics and defending the government’s record pertaining to migration from abroad, whichever be the source country (an EU member, or any other country) it is coming from. And also, immigration minister, James Brokenshire, has, in the past, been quoted as saying that the government would like to talk to EU leaders and seek restrictions on free movements on workers within the EU. This way, they argue, net migration from outside to the UK would come down greatly.      

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