Get ready for the H-1B visas in this New Year

January 12, 2016
With the new year under way, now it is the time for the individuals who seek to do work in the US to start preparing for the 1st April 2016 deadline for filing for the H-1B visas. 

Get ready for the H-1B visas in this New Year

Previous year, the limit of the H-1B visa was reached on 7th April 2015. Employers must start evaluate their labor requirements now so that they are prepared for competing for this limited visas supply.

The US businesses might use the H-1B program for employing the overseas workers in the specialty occupations that needs the application of body of highly specialized knowledge that includes scientists, computer programmers or engineers.

Every year, a total of 65,000 visas might be granted with 20,000 visas that are reserved for the overseas citizens with the US higher or master degree. H-1B visas are granted for the preliminary maximum period of three years.

Extension of this visa would be acquired up to an extra three years, for a total utmost period of stay of six years. The definite period of initial admission and any extension relies on employer’s stated requirement. 

Although, these H-1B visas are temporary, H-1B visa holders might petition for the status of legal permanent residency and work for the employers for longer period of time.

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