Government to assist ALL new parents

January 27, 2014
Government to assist ALL new parents

New Zealand is famously a country who look after its citizens, whether native or migrants there is no discrimination when it comes to government plans to assist those in need of financial help. The most recent announcement which has come from the leader of the Labour party, David Cunliffe, is the introduction of a $60 weekly payment to new parents. Those on higher wages will receive this government funded payment until their child turns one and for those on middle or lower salaries they will get the benefit until their child reaches three.

There will also be free antenatal classes for all first time mothers as well as the already in place free childcare and education subsidies which will now extend from a free 20 hours a week to 25 hours a week. New Zealand also has a Paternity leave for fathers of newborn babies which is set to increase to 26 weeks from the now in place 14 weeks.

This will be of great benefits for all new parents but especially for migrant parents who statistically are on a low or middle income, with an extra $60 per week this will cover all babies’ essentials such as baby food and nappies.

The Children's Commissioner of New Zealand has welcomed these plans saying that they show a real commitment to the countries children.

The new plans will be for all without discrimination. Every parent who has a child in the country, aged under 1 for higher wage earners and 3 for all others, will be entitled to the new schemes. Free childcare will be an extremely beneficial thing for those mothers wanting to get back into work and especially migrant parents who may not have a family here in New Zealand who they could have to help with childcare for free would usually be at a loss of where to find childcare within budget.

The long term aspiration is that children who spend their most formative months in the bosom of both parents are statistically shown to be more developed and happier which in turn will raise these children into tomorrow’s future of New Zealand.

There are already schemes around low cost housing for first time buyers or low wage earns where these people are given priority to purchase and at a lower price. Communities are being built, especially in the Christchurch area, which will be whole roads of these homes as a way to build up the country in the long and short term.

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