Immigration News for people interested in migrating to Canada

September 19, 2016
Good news for foreign workers working in Canada because immigration minister said this past Sundaythat they would be guided and provided an easier process to be the citizen of Canada. Canada is a world growing economic center and a beautiful place to live. But the work force required is less as compared to resources. That is why Canada is considered one of the best options for immigrants. This past Sunday on 11 September, Canadian immigration minister John McCullum announced that they would provide help and assistant to make an easier permanent residence for workers from other countries working in Canada. Relief for the immigrants as Canada becomes one of the first nation to provide assistance to the foreign workers. 

Immigration News for people interested in migrating to Canada

The minister said in a program on national television. However, the details of this announcement will be disclosed in the upcoming weeks. 
Accordance with the temporary foreign worker program (TFWP) will be modified after the parliament report on this issue. This is not the first time Canadian government provided support to the workers from other countries. The Canadian government has been a role model in helping of immigrants to the rest of the world. They have always supported workers, employees and people from other countries. The TFWP helped not just workers but also allowed employers in Canada so that they can hire people from other nations temporary in different working domains. 

Most of these people working in Canada are then put through a process to achieve permanent resident status. The process was difficult in the start for them. But now with these programs they can quickly make permanent resident here in Canada. 
Minister of Immigration who is in charge of immigration-related issues said that they would provide a pathway to foreign workers so they can have a permanent residence. The last modification in this TFWP happened in June 2014, when the policy was changed and made more flexible for immigrants. When asked, he explained that" We ought to make an easy track because of these employees so that they become full Canadian. We believe that workers should get permanent home as compared recently.”

From that time till today more and more efforts were made to help and support foreign workers and immigrants. Because in the beginning the limitation was high and no chance was being offered through platforms to foreign workers. But now things have changed, the Canadian government is keen to help new workers to be a part of their great nation. They are welcoming more than ever. You can take a look on their official website for further details. You can check if you are eligible to work temporarily in Canada.

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