Immigration Rising Faster Than Ever Before

January 20, 2014

Immigration Rising Faster Than Ever Before

Immigration in New Zealand is continuing to rise, each month studies are showing that more migrants are entering than the previous month. The annual rate of immigration is around seventeen and a half thousand. With the rate immigration is rising this number will soon reach an annual figure of around twenty thousand. The exceptions of how many migrants would enter New Zealand were exceeded. This was due to the high number of foreign migrants entering the country.

Studies and calculations carried out in all the different regions of New Zealand have highlighted the areas in which immigration is high. Migrants tend to live near each other and so certain regions see a higher number of migrants entering than others. Auckland is very popular with migrants, Canterbury do see some migrants enter but nowhere near as many as Auckland. There has been a low departure number heading to Australia. Many people use to move to Australia bot migrants passing through New Zealand and new Zealanders themselves. This is no longer the case.

Reports in the early stages of processing are suggesting that the amount of migrants entering Auckland as well as the lower number entering Canterbury plus fewer people moving to Australia was the reason immigration numbers are high and staying high.

Jobs are becoming scarce in Australia and this is the reason people are not moving to the country. With job prospects low it is understandable that people will not relocate there.

New Zealand are expecting the annual number of migrants to peak around thirty thousand this year, this would then be the largest number of migrants entering the country since the 2000s. With so many new people entering the country, needing work and a place to live will mean jobs will not be as easily found, housing prices will soar, they will continue to rise, restrictions have been put on lending and higher mortgages but as long as immigration rises in the country, everything else will as well.

Immigration has always been high in New Zealand, it does not show any signs of changing, the repercussion for the country are high house prices, as the economy grows with immigration house prices grow as well, with fewer jobs and higher prices, immigration could hit a dangerous level for the country. Migrants are always welcomed in New Zealand, studies that point out possible effects that migrants are having to the country do not pose a threat as yet.

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