Investment limit for US EB-5 Visa will not change till December

September 10, 2018
A US Congressman Aaron Schock, a Republican, and the Sponsor of Reauthorization Bill 2012 regarding the E.B-5, has stated that the investment limit, pertaining to the E.B-5 Investor Visa Program, is not likely to increase till December 2018. It is famous for providing Green Cards to foreign persons who invest $500,000 in the USA.

Exclusive for High Net worth Individuals 

This is a preference category that is based on employment. It is exclusive for High Net worth Individuals, to obtain the Green Card. It carries the PR benefit also, for self and also for the family members. Moreover, it requires an investment of $500,000, in a fresh business, which has the capacity to create, ten or more jobs, for the local persons. The investment limit can change, subject to the new session taking place. There can be no fresh investment increase when the E.B-5 program is extended in September. As per an estimate, the E.B-5 market has an annual growth rate of around 30 percent from India. There is likelihood of a major increase in the future, as investors anticipate a huge increase in the investment limit.

US EB-5 Visa - Investment limit will not change till December

Serving the nation

Furthermore, this program is in operation, for three decades, and the price has not changed. Comparatively in the UK it is $2 million, and in Canada $1 million. Australia requires an investment of $4 million. One day somewhere, in the future the price, will go up. The limit expectation is in the range of $1 to $1.3 million for the Investing Entrepreneurs.

In the E.B-5 Investor Visa Program there is an annual target of 10,000 visas for overseas nationals. Additionally, the per-country cap is just seven percent. India occupies the third place in this visa application. The growth in E.B-5 applicants is around 30 percent on the yearly basis even in cases, where the awareness is low. With an increase in awareness the rate of growth will be better in the future.

Statistics regarding wealth

Observers note that majorly the creation of Indian wealth, took place in the past five years. There were 50,000 millionaires in 2012, but in 2018 the figure is 3,30,000. Furthermore, in such circumstances, the future, appears to be bright for the EB5 program.

Shalabh Kumar born in India is the founder of AVG Group of Companies.  AVG America Investments is its subsidiary and the leader in the EB-5 category. It has 1,800 investors, to its credit. Moreover there are 1,407 conditional PR approvals, and 351 permanent PR approvals. It has achieved 5,000 Green Cards for its patrons.

The US Congress introduced category 5, with the goal of stimulating the economy in 1990. It involved capital investment and job creation. Later the Congress created the Regional Center Program and left behind E.B-5 visas for investors in Commercial Enterprises of Regional Centers.

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