Japan relaxes multiple entry visa requirements for Vietnamese, Filipinos & Indonesians

October 06, 2014
Japan relaxes tourist visa requirements for Vietnamese, Filipinos & Indonesians

The Embassy of Japan in Philippines said in a notice that the requirements of multiple entry visas have been relaxed for the travelers of Vietnam, Filipino and Indonesia. 

The relaxation of visa requirements was decided following a meeting of the ministerial council on the endorsement of Japan as a tourism country. 

The notice reads that the nationals of Vietnam, Filipino and Indonesia who are residing out of their place of origin will be benefited from the simplification of visa requirements in case they apply for a visa at the diplomatic mission that holds authority at their place of residence. 

Also, it stated that the holders of multiple entry visas will be able to reside for a period of 15 days with a maximum validity period of three years. However, starting from September 30, the validity period of multiple entry visas has been extended to five years, which means they can visit Japan a number of times within five-year period.

The notice also said that the application procedures will be relaxed for those who are applying for single tourism visas provided satisfying the condition of booking package from the registered travel agencies, starting from November 2014. However, the registered travel agencies are not announced yet.   

The ministry of foreign affairs of Japan stated that the relaxation of visa requirements for the nationals of these aforesaid countries is a first step of the plan for a complete visa exemption. The intention of these strategies is to make Japan as a tourism-oriented country and attract 20 million overseas travelers to contribute to growth measures and promote people to people exchanges as well.
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