Large number of Indians heading to Russia, New Zealand and Canada for holidays

February 26, 2016
According to the travel firms, there has been increase of 25-30%, as large number of Indians travelling to Russia, Canada, New Zealand and Europe. This is mainly because of the weakening of currencies in the regions.

Large number of Indians heading to Russia, New Zealand and Canada for holidays

According to the CEO of a travel website, a weak foreign economic climate has a lot of chances to provide to the budget travelers. Indians who are planning to visit these nations whose currencies have been weakened could enjoy extra value for their money and they could spend more.

The information compiled has revealed that the currencies of countries like Russia, Sweden, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Denmark has decreased by 10-15% against the rupee over the previous two years. This has permitted the Indian budget tourists to travel these countries on a holiday and spend more.

According to the Director of an Aviation firm, previously only luxury customers and niche tourists were visiting Russia but due this situation, the numbers has increased as the destinations has been within the reach of the budget travelers too. 

Indian tourists have been benefited from the international depreciation in the currency. This has put an impact on the air fares, hotel tariffs, sightseeing and shopping.

The value conscious Indian tourists are viewing this as an ideal time to make the bookings to European countries and also to Russia, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

There has been increase in number of people going to Australia, New Zealand and Canada. As many travel firms are taking the benefit of the currency and working on their packages to provide additional values to their customers. 

Indian tourists continue to choose and travel alternative holiday options that are now within their budget. The drop in the currencies has brought in focus of many new overseas markets like Cyprus, the Philippines, Indonesia, Rwanda and Egypt. It is expected that the Indian tourists traveling abroad would touch to around 50 million by the year 2020. Indians are among the top spenders when it comes to traveling abroad and many markets are ready for taking advantage.

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