Latest round of parent and grandparent visas opened in Canada

January 08, 2016
A latest round of applications for the visa for sponsor parents and grandparents had just begun in Canada and it is predicted to be widely accepted. It is announced by the officials of immigration.

Around 5,000 latest and complete applications had been put on visa stream by the Department of Canadian Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Latest round of parent and grandparent visas opened in Canada

According to the spokesperson, all the applications that are received after limit has been reached would be returned back to applicants and applications should be individually package and sent to the centre for case processing in Mississauga (CPC-M) of Ontario.

He also informed that CPC-M accepts the applications that are received through mail from local couriers and only through key courier services. The CPC-M is closed to public and no in person deliveries are accepted.

He also said that couriers should have waybill that needs a sign from staff member of CPC-M  for proving that application was delivered as well as delivery time and date. The CPC-M do not accept packages or envelopes from non courier services like taxi firms. Deliveries in bulk are also not accepted. 

The visa stream has been very famous and IRCC is advising the applicants for making sure that they follow precise instructions on completing their application that is presently available on its website.

Applications received on or after 4th January 2016, completed according to requirement of application would be accepted. This means that all important fees, documentation, as mentioned in application kit should accompany the application.

The regulation also means that payment to Canadian Receiver General would only be accepted by credit card or a certified cheque. Payment of fee in other forms like online payment or payment at Canadian financial institution would not be accepted and the application would be returned.

If the application is returned and then it is resubmitted, it would be placed in the processing queue as per latest receipt date. If the fee payment is being done by the credit card, then card should be valid for a minimum of nine months from the date the application is submitted.

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