Millions of British citizens could face passport woes over traveling to the US

December 01, 2015
Millions of citizens from the UK can be banned from travelling to the US unless they had purchased a new passport, following the latest security moves by the US.

The White House had announced that they have been working with the US Congress on protecting the latest right to require the travelers under visa waiver program to use the passports with the embedded security chips.

Millions of British citizens could face passport woes over traveling to the US

The UK passport holders presently benefit from the deal as they do not require a visa to visit the US.

But among the 50 million passport holders from the UK, an expected five million of them presently possess old travel documents which do not have the biometric microchip.

It can mean that they would have to renew their passports as soon as possible at the price of minimum 72.50 pounds if they seek to visit the US.

According to an announcement, in the US, the Homeland Security Department and the Department of State are going to review the program of visa waiver and shall report to the President with two months.

It lifted the outlook of the review leading to more red tape for the citizens from the UK who wishes to visit the US.

According to the official, this review would target to toughen the program and ensure the authorities of the US can gather data on the overseas visitors who might have visited the nations which make up a safe haven for the terrorists.

A Spokesman from the White House told that the administration will improve and speed up changes to this visa waiver program because of the ongoing threat which is posed.

Apart from the UK, 37 other nations are granted to take part in this existing program of visa waiver, permitting the visitors to stay in the US for the period of three months.

The British passports have the microchip which is embedded in the cover which covers an electronic version of the photograph of the passport holder, along with the data on the page of personal details which also includes place of birth, nationality, date and the gender.

The microchips was initially started in the UK in the year 2006, and around 50 million passports are in circulation which means that around five million passports that are without the biometric facility has a year remaining before they get expired.

Britain was the first nation to participate in the scheme of visa waiver for the US, joining in the year 1988.

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