Nasscom says comprehensive immigration changes in the US unlikely

December 09, 2015
According to Nasscom, India’s IT industry body, it is not likely that any wide-ranging immigration changes would take place in the US in the immediate future, but it does not mean that threats of such random actions are missing.

According to Nasscom President, R Chandrashekhar, presently, based on our data, we understood that it is not likely that any complete immigration changes would take place in the immediate prospect in the US.

Nasscom says comprehensive immigration changes in the US unlikely

He also said that just because the immigration changes not likely to take place, it shouldn’t  be meant that the intimidation of such uninformed actions are not present.  And this is the reason we are continuing to engage and that is why it is vital for us and the government to remain engaged in all these issues.

According to Chandrashekhar, the Nasscom is cautious of certain rules that have been introduced in the perspective of the appropriation bill as an added clause can cause the similar effect.

Few days ago, two US Senators had brought in the legislation against the exploitation of H-1B visa which had unfavorable employment effect on the US citizens. Both the Senators had sought the changes for ensuring that the US citizens do not misplace out to the overseas employees on the work and pay packages.

The bill was initiated by Senators Chuck Grassley and Dick Durbin, and it was supported by many Senators.

Chandrashekhar also informed that this is the political issue ahead of the presidential elections in the US, but it is not that the harmful aspects have not jumped up, which was obvious from the H-1B fee hike which were not related to the industry. 

The regulation that contains the rules for hiking the H1-B visa and the L-1 visa fee for every application by $2000 and $2500 respectively for the qualifying company was passed by the US Congress on 10th August 2010. The regulation mainly hit the Indian IT firms very badly.

The US is preparing for the 2016 Presidential elections which is the biggest market for the Indian IT services industry which is worth more than $140 billion. And the exports accounts for more than $98 billion.

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