OINP Takes Up New Initiatives to Address Labor Needs of the Province

April 17, 2019
The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program has a stream for technological workers as a response to the labor requirements to fill, as per the Ontario government.

OINP Takes Up New Initiatives to Address Labor Needs of the Province

A Fresh Approach

The new budget announced four updates to the OINP which include Technology Worker Stream, and also a new pilot for bringing top skilled immigrants to small communities. Apart from this, there are revisions to the eligibility criteria for Entrepreneur and also in the Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills Stream. The Program allows Ontario in nominating a specific number of immigration candidates to seek PR every year. Moreover, these changes were announced after holding consultations with the business community across Ontario.

There are sectors in the economy which have an immediate labor need. These are technology, trucking, and home care. These openings need filling as per Sarah Letersky, Communications Director for Minister of Economic Development. Furthermore, these changes make it easy for skilled workers in various sectors, to arrive in the province and also make a contribution to the economy.

Other Details

The budget did not offer any details regarding the stream for Technological Workers. They will be released shortly. The Council of Canadian Innovators has welcomed this development, saying that the need for top skilled overseas technology talent will grow in the future. The CCI was lobbying the Program officials for creating this immigration stream.

Moreover, the domestic technology sector has also welcomed the focus of the government to address the shortage of talent. The skilled talent gives a boost to Ontario, which is having rapid growth. Canada will face a shortage of 220,000  skilled workers in the next 2-3 years.

The OINP attracted the overseas workers through the Human Capital Priorities Stream, permitting the Program to look for the federal Express Entry pool for suitable technology candidates who meet the provincial/federal eligibility norms. Technology Work experience is not a requirement in the HCP.

Smaller Communities Immigration Pilot

Ontario’s budget has a new pilot initiative for exploring an innovative approach to bring top skilled immigrants to small communities. Additionally, The Northern Policy Institute is an organization, working for such a pilot for addressing increasing labor shortages, in rural as well as northern regions. Charles Cirtwill, President/ CEO of the Institute, said that his work has paid off soon. The initiative comes after the federal government initiated the new Rural and NI Pilot, which works with small and remote communities in the province and also in the Western Provinces/Territories for attracting and retaining overseas workers.

The announcement of the federal pilot was the way forward, and its presence in the OINP will help in the use of global workers to fill short/medium term gaps.

The Ontario pilot will boost the recruitment and hiring of foreign workers for all jobs where the local talents are not available.


The actual labor needs in Northern Ontario's small communities are for occupations involving intermediate skills classified in C or D of the NOC. There are jobs in the sectors of culture, tourism, retailing, and warehousing. Also, the budget promises to expand the list regarding the eligible occupations of the OINP Employer Job Offer for top demand Skills Stream. It will include truck drivers and personal support workers. These present a challenge in rural areas.

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