PNPs of Canada Give an Impressive Performance in the First Half of 2019

July 18, 2019
There were a few major developments in the Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs during the initial half of the present year. The Provincial Nominee Programs were expected to proceed at a fast pace, with great enthusiasm, and provided positive results.

PNPs of Canada Give an Impressive Performance in the First Half of 2019

The programs are a boon 

These Programs allow the participating Canadian territories and provinces in nominating overseas workers and global graduates to pursue the Canadian PR through a system of streams adapted to a range of labor market requirements. 

The PNP’s had bigger nomination allocations in quite a lot of provinces in 2019, and in particular the admissions target was higher for 2019 in comparison to 2018.

PNP streams aligned with Express Entry 

Additionally, the PNP streams which had an alignment with the federal Express Entry system had an active presence during the Jan-June 2019. These issued several ITAs to seek the provincial nomination to candidates who had profiles in its federal EE pool.
The composition of the Express Entry pool has these Federal immigration programs 

• Federal Skilled Trades category,

• Canadian Experience category

• Federal Skilled Worker category, 

The candidates receive a score under the CRS, to determine their rank that has a base among the factors like education, work experience, age, and language proficiency. 

Moreover, there is no requirement of provincial nomination for eligibility in Express Entry, but those candidates having the provincial nomination get 600 extra points in the CRS score speeding the process to get the invitation for permanent residence in Canada.

The first step to get the consideration in provincial nomination in the PNP streams aligned with the Express Entry is entering the profile in the Express Entry pool.


The allocation of Ontario province in 2019 is 6900 nominations in the PNP. It receives the maximum number of newcomers in the country every year. In 2018 it was the preferred destination favored by 64 percent new PRs in the Express Entry.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program has three streams with a link to Express Entry and issued 3,846 NOIs favoring the candidates in Express Entry.  These streams are:

Skilled Trades 

French-Speaking Skilled Worker 

Human Capital Priorities and allow the Program for searching the federal pool, for such candidates meeting its eligibility requirements.

These streams issued 3,846 Notifications in the initial half of 2019, and the share of HCP Stream was 67 percent (2,565) at a CRS of 439.  In the July month Ontario announced that the Human Capital Priorities Stream will hold draws for EE candidates having work experience among six eligible technology occupations.  In the initial Tech Draw OINP issued NOIs to 1,623 EE candidates.

The Skilled Trades and French-Speaking Skilled Worker streams of OINP with a link to Express Entry issued 1,281 NOIs jointly.


Express Entry Stream of the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program was created one year ago. The AINP makes a use of the stream for searching the EE pool for such candidates meeting the eligibility criteria, and the least CRS score of 300.

Previous work or Job Offer in Alberta is not necessary, but candidates have to work in a job supporting the provincial diversification and economic development.

The AINP may prioritize such candidates who have a provincial job offer or work experience or a degree obtained through post-secondary institution in Canada; or parents, sibling or child residing in Alberta. Additionally, AINP organized 16 draws in the stream. It issued 3816 NOIs. Eight of the draws had a CRS score of 302 or lower than that. 

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Nominee Program is innovative and has three streams for selecting the candidates in Express Entry. It used the Labor Market Priorities Stream thrice for searching the EE pool and also to identify candidates having the work experience of specified occupations. Additionally having the job offer does not figure in its selection criteria and the least CRS score is also not necessary.

In the draw held on June 3, it invited 312 candidates having work experience in the capacity of early childhood assistants and educators and did not specify CRS requirement. In the draw for January 25 financial accountants and auditors had CRS of 400.
In March the NSNP organized a draw for Express Entry candidates with French as the first language without a cut-off score.


The International Skilled Worker: Express Entry sub-category in Saskatchewan operating on the EOI model, required the candidates to register separates profile with the province. These Profiles get a score depending on unique point-grid and the top scoring candidates get the ITA for the provincial nomination in regular provincial draws.

Eligibility norms specify that the candidates needed sufficient work experience in a job listed as in the top demands in the province,. A job offer is not necessary.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program organized eight rounds in the Express Entry sub-category in the first half of the present year and issued 1166 ITAs to seek the provincial nomination.

This Program made a revision in the top demand occupation list two times in the period, and added professions of Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers. It targeted Candidates having work experience among the newly added jobs in the draws thrice in Jan -July 2019 period. 

Other Provinces

Streams with a link to Express Entry were active in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Prince Edward Island provinces.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program issued 4500 invitations in favor of skilled workers by holding 12 draws and 300 candidates were of the Express Entry category.

PEI held six draws and issued 671 invitations to aspirants in the EE and Labor Impact class.

Provincial Nominee Program in British Columbia issued weekly invitations in the initial half of the present year.

The PNP streams constantly evolve as per the labor market needs in the country. For all candidates in Express Entry, who get a low score, provincial nomination is a boon for obtaining permanent residence in Canada.
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