Program of Parent and Grandparent for Immigration to Canada will be reopened in 2016

October 07, 2015
The enormously popular program of Parent and Grandparent (PGP) is expected to get reopened in the month of January 2016, as sponsors and the candidates are already preparing for the application period, which is usually expected to be very short for applications intake.

This program of family sponsorship allows all the citizens of Canada and the residents who are permanent to bring their parents and grandparents who live outside of Canada to become the permanent residents of Canada.

Program of Parent and Grandparent for immigration to Canada is set to reopen in the year 2016

Since the reopening of PGP two years back with some new criteria after a pause that started in the year 2011, the program has proved to be the most competitive program for Canadian Immigration.  The program for the year 2014, which had a limit of 5,000 applications, was filled in just three weeks of time.

The rush for completing and submitting the application more accurately was competitive for this year’s program, which was opened in this year’s starting month i.e. January. The application limit was reached within two days. Since then the program is closed. 

The Canadian government did not indicated whether there may be any changes in the eligibility criteria of the program for 2016.

As the allocation of the last year was snapped up in few days, many potential sponsors and their family members have been waiting for the program to get reopened.  That is why the sponsors and the sponsored parties might be able to increase their chances of submitting the application before this year’s program, by advance preparation of documents and keep them ready for submitting by next year. 

The criteria for this program should be met, in order to get the permanent residency in Canada, and the sponsor in Canada shall meet the requirements like he/she should be Canadian citizen or resident who is staying permanently, should be 18 years of age or exceeding, shall also exceed the necessary minimum level of income required for this program and shall promise and sign the agreement to provide full financial support to the relative.

There is another option for the citizens of Canada, and the permanent resident is Super Visa for bringing their parents or grandparents to Canada. Although this is not a permanent residence program but it allows them to stay in Canada as long-term visitors. And they can also receive the visitor visa for multiple entries valid for ten years.

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