Belarus to offer visas at cheaper costs for U.S, UK citizens

January 17, 2015
U.S and UK citizens to obtain Belarus visas at cheaper cost

All the citizens of United Kingdom and United States can now travel to Belarus at cheaper cost, says Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Belarus, Dmitry Mironchik. The existing government of the country has decided to reduce the consular charges that are been paid by the individuals of both the nations. As the part of liberalization strategy of Belarus, it has introduced it in 2015 first month. Foreign Ministry of the country has also noted that, apart from the reduction of consular charges, the country is also planning to simplify the rules and regulations of business and student visas.

Dmitry Mironchik further added that all the citizens of U.S and UK can obtain their humanitarian and business effortlessly at cheaper cost with a validity of three years. Applicants of United Kingdom and United States under 14 years are excused from the consular charges. 

He also stated that, their country is striving hard to liberalize the norms and charges of the visas slowly and to remove the hurdles that are been faced by the overseas nationals during their immigration. 

Dmitry Mironchik further revealed that Belarus is endeavoring to set up humanitarian, business, academic and cultural contacts with all the nations.

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