Recent Update Regarding the EU Settlement Scheme in the UK

August 29, 2019
The UK Government aims to leave the European Union on 31 October 2019 at 11 pm. This will result in loss of Freedom of movement in the present form on that date and time, in case there is a No-Deal for it. All the EU clients need to secure their status in the United Kingdom before this departure date.

Settling in the UK

As per the provisions of the EU Settlement Scheme Nationals of EU, EEA, as well as Switzerland and the eligible members of their family need to apply for immigration status in the UK to remain in there after the exit from EU. 

There is a provision in the EU Settlement Scheme for persons to get a Settled/Pre-Settled status. Applicants get the settled status in case they lived in the United Kingdom for five years. They get a Pre-Settled status in case they do not complete the five-year period to qualify for settled status.

Recent Update Regarding the EU Settlement Scheme in the UK

As an emergency, the UK Government introduced the Temporary Leave to Remain way. This way will be available to the applicants that arrive after 31 Oct 2019. It allows the UK stay for three years. This is a temporary leave and will not lead to any status in the EU Settlement Scheme or for the Indefinite Leave to Remain.

The Facts of EU Settlement Scheme  

People holding EU passport and planning to relocate to the UK as EU citizens are strongly advised to enter it before 31 October 2019, if they want inclusion under the present EU Settlement Scheme. Additionally All Nationals of the EEA and their dependent family members intending to remain in the UK after the date of exit need to apply in the EU Settlement Scheme. This includes persons currently holding Permanent Residency unless they had obtained British Citizenship subsequent to holding the Permanent Residency. All persons presently holding the Permanent Residence Card qualify automatically to get the settled status in the EU Settlement Scheme.

Also, for maintaining the status in the EUS Scheme after it is granted, you need to return there UK every five years for the persons who got the Settled Status and in every two years for the persons who got the Pre-Settled Status.

UK Immigration and Rights of Settlers

The rights after receiving the settled status as EU citizens are:

When an EU citizen is granted Settled or Pre-Settled status, they will be able to:

  • Working in the UK;
  • Using the NHS;
  • Enrolling in education or continuation of studies;
  • Accessing public funds benefits and pensions, on gaining their eligibility;
  • Travelling inside and outside the UK

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