Rise of Indian students in the graduation programs in US, Chinese student's deterioration

July 01, 2015
Hike of the Indian students in US graduation programs, decline of the Chinese students

Indian students have been flocking in higher numbers to complete graduation school in US while the students of china continue to send more students, but there was a drastic drop in their numbers during this year, trembling the universities and colleges relying on the international students for the sustenance.

During this year, the foreign applications have increased 2%, driven by the Indian student’s growth of double-digit and their interest in programs of engineering and science but calmed by demand declined by the prospects of China was reported by the journal of The Wall Street which is based on the council of graduate schools tally which has taken into account about 377 schools educating the mass of foreign graduate students.

The graduate schools of US has received completely applications about 676,484 applications, consisting more than 192,000 from the students of India an increase of 12% according to the initial count. India is contributing the second greatest pool of foreign applicants to the graduate schools in US, back of China, and the two-thirds of all the foreign applications which are coming from the two nations.           

Jeff Allum, the director of policy and research analysis at council of graduate schools quoted by Journal’s saying that ‘Indian students have influence for being the acute shoppers while it comes to greater education’. Presently, the US is perfect strong value and market for them. 

Schools have reported about receiving nearly 264,406 applications during this cycle from China, a drop of 2% from the previous year and declines of the third year. Prior to that, the council of graduate schools reported double digit profits of seven years in the applications of China.

However, the figure of foreign applications for the upcoming famous study field for the foreign students, business, which has been dropped by 2%. This has been marked as the first decline for the field since the graduate schools council was begun collecting information on the topic in the year 2004.

It was found in the survey that the applicants of China created 39% of the complete pool of the applicant for the programs of graduate. India creates nearly 28% of the pool of the applicants and 84% of the students who have applied for the certificate programs and the master’s for the academic year 2015-2016.

It was reported by truth dive that when the students of India often apply for the certificate programs and the master’s, survey found that the foreign students apply overall for the doctoral programs in US to a greater extent than the domestic peers respectively 37% to 17%.

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