Row over issue of adding foreign students in net migration numbers in the UK Cabinet

December 03, 2015
New  clashes has been emerged in the UK Cabinet over the issue of immigration with the Home Secretary Theresa May’s important ally had claimed that apart from the Home Office, the rest of the UK government has given up try to deal with the increasing net migration. 

Row over issue of adding foreign students in net migration numbers in the UK Cabinet

The claim came after George Osborne’s remark that he is overcrowding the Home Secretary’s latest package of slashing the migration numbers and seeks to take the foreign student numbers out of the target of net migration. According to the current statistics of the net migration which was available previous week has revealed that they hit the latest record of around 3,36,000 in a year to June.

The lengthy running row in the cabinet over the issue whether the foreign students shall be added in the statistics of net migration had played an important role over the government officials approach towards mass migration. Osborne has been backed by Sajid Javid, business secretary and Philip Hammond, foreign secretary and that has left Theresa May lonely in the UK Cabinet.

Osborne’s interference came in hours after May’s previous chief of staff; Nick Timothy had earlier blamed the Chancellor and Treasury of being keener on the mass immigration.

The ex- insider from the Home Office had said that numerous reforms proposal of May for the system of student visa for slashing the work permit numbers for overseas workers to change the way the system of asylum works and for bigger control over the migration had already been blocked or to be blocked.

The sources from the government had refused that there is any clash within the UK cabinet on the pledge for minimizing the net migration to under 1,00,000  and had also insisted that they are working together.

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