Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program: A Bright Path to Immigration

August 07, 2019
Saskatchewan Immigration can help in the growth of the provincial economy and the population. This province has since 2007 attracted 108,000 immigrants belonging to 170 countries.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program: A Bright Path to Immigration

Features of Saskatchewan Immigration

Saskatchewan has modern cities of Saskatoon and Regina and, also there are many small rural communities. It has a population of 1.1 million.

The province takes pride by having these major industries:

• Agriculture mainly wheat;

• Oil and gas exploration;

• Mining and export of potash and uranium;

• Technology especially in Saskatoon and Regina

Countless recent immigrants here have arrived from Asia, mainly from the Philippines.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

In 2001, Saskatchewan received one per cent among the newcomers arriving in Canada. It presently receives five per cent of them and has the retention target of 80 percent by the provincial government for 2019-20.

The figures for 2018, state that 72 percent among 15,510 fresh PRs to Canada, arriving in Saskatchewan gained admission by using the SINP.

This Program forms a part of Provincial Nominee Program in Canada, for facilitating the economic immigration allowing the participating territories and provinces in nominating specific numbers among the overseas workers, graduates and entrepreneurs to get permanent residence in Canada.

Saskatchewan Immigration works on Nominee Program 

The SINP has these categories for immigration:

• Saskatchewan Experience

• International Skilled Workers

• Entrepreneurs

• International Skilled Workers

• Farm Owners and Operators

The International Skilled Workers caters to immigration needs of overseas workers to the province.

All candidates are Eligible to get the nomination in these sub-categories:

• Employment Offer

• Express Entry

• Occupation In-Demand

Express Entry sub-category in Saskatchewan caters to candidates having the profile in the federal Express Entry system, besides rich work experience in any of 19 occupations as per the provincial demand list. Moreover, the job offer from local employers is not necessary.  Nominated Express Entry candidates of the SINP get extra 600 in the CRS score.

Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination 

The norms for Saskatchewan provincial nomination specify Express Entry candidates must also have an Express Entry (valid) profile and an Expression of Interest separate profile with due registration in the Program.

The Occupation In-Demand sub-category issues nominations but is out of the purview of the Express Entry. It needs work experience in an occupation listed as top demand by the Program, and does not need a job offer and also involves creating the EOI profile.

Immigration candidates having the job offer from the registered employer in SINP qualify to be included in the Employment Offer sub-category. The province does not proclaim a list of specific jobs, but all offers need to be in the occupations classified as Skill type 0, A or B in the National Occupational Classification of Canada.

Saskatchewan Immigration Work Experience

Such Candidates with provincial work experience and possessing the job offer can apply seeking the provincial nomination for permanent residence by using Saskatchewan Experience sub-categories that are:

• Health Professionals

• Existing Work Permit

• Long-Haul Truck Driver Project

• Hospitality Sector Project

• Students

Each category requires six months of work experience as a temporary overseas worker in Saskatchewan as well as a permanent job offer (full-time) from approved employers in the target sector.

Saskatchewan Immigration prefers Entrepreneurs

The SINP’s Entrepreneur Category caters to the persons who intend to own and operate businesses in the province. Also, Saskatchewan Immigration operates on the basis of EOI, which gives a score to the candidates on business plan establishment and experience. On meeting the Success candidates get an approval for temporary work permit of two-years. They can apply for PR nomination when they satisfy the terms and conditions of Business Performance Agreement.

Farm Owners and Operators

Farmers having Experience and capital qualify for this category when they intend to buy and manage a farm located in the province. There is a Young Farmer Stream open to applicants below the age of 40 years with a focus on farming in rural areas.

Saskatchewan is a dynamic PNP of Canada run on the EOI system. It holds monthly invitation rounds. Saskatchewan Immigration will provide effective results to the seekers. 

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