Shanghai new visa regulations to attract high level foreign workers

July 04, 2015
Shanghai to attract talented foreign workers with new visa regulations

Shanghai introduces new rules for work visa with an ambition to attract high earning and talented foreign workers to make the city become a global hub for highly scientific and technological innovation.

From now on, shanghai will allow expats to obtain Chinese green card more easily, as it is quite impossible to obtain till now. It will also issue visa on arrival to very high level foreign workers. 

Also, foreigners with either invitation from a licenced high technological enterprise or an endorsement by high tech business incubator will be allowed to get a work visa. And are allowed to apply for work visa at their entry in shanghai’s port as long as they carries work permit or a business plan.

The changes in regulations covering the high end foreign workers are meant to provide visa in an easier way, by lowering the designed criteria to apply for the permanent residency in China. This new regulations are taken pace in response to the Chinese President Xi Jingping call to make Shanghai  as a global destination for scientific excellence and technological innovation.

It is also for the  first time hilgh level foreign worjkers are identified based on their income and tax payment rather than their job titles.

Those with annual income of $97,000 or above are now eligible to apply for permanent resident in china.

Earlier, foreigners need to live in china for no less than three years within a four year of work experience. Now, the new policy allows if a person lives no less than six months every year are eligible to apply.

Officials say, this policies will promise a better future for Shanghai in attracting talented foreign workers and making it niche for scientific excellence.

On the other hand, foreign workers are also very happy about the new regulations. So far, only 2500 foreign residents have received permanent residency, But the new regulations will provide much needed break through in the ambit of permanent residency visa.

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