Singapore passport is still among top five for visa free travel to the countries around the globe

October 14, 2015
Singapore passport has remained one of the most welcomed passports by the countries all around the world.

Singapore passport has been ranked among top five welcomed passports for visa free travel to the countries around the world.

Singapore passport is still in top five for visa free travel to the countries across the globe

The Index for Visa Restrictions has ranked Singapore along with Austria, Switzerland and Ireland in the fifth position, this year. Singapore had shared the same spot with countries like Switzerland and New Zealand in the year 2014.

Singapore passport holders at present have the unrestricted access to a total of 169 countries out of 218 countries that are surveyed, the number has slightly decreased when compared to the last year’s figure of 170 out of 219 countries.

Germany and the UK have retained the top position with access of visa free to around 173 countries, while Sweden, Finland and the US are in the second place with 172 countries. Korea and Japan were ranked third with a total of 171 countries.

According to the index, the biggest move made by the country was the United Arab Emirates, as it moved up to the 40th place from the 55th place and also added 37 countries.

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