South Australia announces the recipient of First Entrepreneur Visa

February 14, 2019
An Italian engaged in the wine services with a hope to design a computer program linking the local food producers with tourists is the first recipient of Entrepreneurship Visa.

The journey so far

Industry Minister David Pisoni will announce Simone Berliat to be the first recipient of the new visa. Additionally, it is a part of a national pilot program put on the trial in South Australia in November 2018. The State Government has launched this with the name - Supporting Innovation in South Australia. Furthermore, there is an allocation of $400,000 in four years for supporting it. Berliat will cooperate with The Moonshine Lab, the technology start-up with a base in Adelaide. There is a plan to develop an agricultural tourism business linking tourists with food producers who intend to present accommodation packages. Furthermore, this model calls the tourists to stay and volunteer in a winery/farm for developing their understanding regarding the food and wine industry.

South Australia announces the recipient of First Entrepreneur Visa

Scope for business

The Agriculture Tourism Business is yet to gain representation in the global market. The recipient has a plan to develop a physical and digital platform for this activity. Additionally, this will help the agricultural tourism business to get the customers and suppliers easily. South Australia is famous for its wine regions.  Simone Berliat feels that this situation is perfect for a new Entrepreneur Visa. His intention is to create a website and phone app where customers identify different Agriculture Tourism businesses. He hopes to develop a service and also help producers in introducing such business.

Additional details

Thirty entrepreneurs will receive these visas for developing their business ideas in South Australia during the present year. By 2022, 300 entrepreneurs will receive it. The response to this program is impressive. These entrepreneurs bring new ideas and add great value to the spirit of local innovation. Additionally, they create jobs and make an important contribution to the economy.

Moreover, two councils – the City of Port Adelaide Enfield and the Adelaide City Council have pledged their support for expanding this Federal sponsorship program and help the refugees. Adelaide City Council voted in favour of the motion and has made a request for the expansion of the Community Sponsorship Program of the Federal Government. It commenced in May 2017, and also provides a model where community members raise funds for sponsor visas for refugees.

Helpful for refugees

As a result, they can begin to rebuild their lives in Australia. This also provides an opportunity to search for an alternative and give additional pathways for people to settle in the region.

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